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Download all the CORE data in a single package.

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Prototype, analyse and process your data directly on your infrastructure.

Largest full text collection

World's largest full text collection of scientific papers for machine processing.

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How it works

How it works

CORE data can be downloaded as a bulk dataset, allowing you to process it on your own computer or within your infrastructure. The dataset provides a harmonised and enriched data format for access content from across our data providers. This is perfect for prototyping new methods, especially when intensive data processes need to be run. It is also a good choice for data analysis and text mining.

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Eric Olson

Eric Olson

Consensus, co-founder and CEO

“To build the product we have always envisioned, having a robust and comprehensive dataset of machine-readable, peer-reviewed papers is absolutely essential. We are incredibly grateful to be able to partner with an organization like CORE that not only can meet our data needs, but also shares our vision of making science more accessible and consumable. This unique combination of best-in-class data-offering and mission-alignment makes CORE an ideal partner for Consensus.”

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Dataset 2020-03-18

Full dataset (~400GB, 2.1TB Extracted)

Dataset 2018-03-01

Metadata only dataset (beta) (127 GB) - 123M metadata items, 85.6M items with abstract

With full text dataset (beta) (330 GB) - 123M metadata items, 85.6M items with abstract, 9.8M items with fulltext.

Documentation and access to previous datasets.

We aim to generate a new public dataset at least once a year. If you need a more recent dataset, please get in touch with us as we might be able to arrange it.

If you use CORE in your work, we kindly request you to cite one of our publications.

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What’s included

The Dataset provides you with:

  • The entire CORE's corpus of both metadata and full texts in a machine processable format.
  • Detailed documentation on how to download the CORE dataset and how data is organised.
What’s included













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