CORE Membership for organisations

CORE is a mission-driven and not-for-profit endeavour and we rely on the generous support of our members to support and sustain the service.


What is CORE membership?

  • CORE Repository Dashboard

    Monitor, manage and access statistics about how your metadata are exposed across the open access research network.

  • CORE Discovery

    Benefit from our plugin which turns metadata only pages in repositories to pages with full text links, whenever an open access version of the document is available anywhere across the open research network.

  • CORE Search

    Your organisation's research visible and discoverable by over 30 million monthly active users who rely on CORE.

  • CORE Recommender

    Install our recommender plugin to help your users find related content within your own repository and from across the global open research network.

  • General support

    Our enthusiastic open access team ready to answer general queries about CORE.

  • Get your OAI identifiers resolved to your repository

    Make OAI identifiers originating from your repository resolve directly to your repository instead of just to their pages in CORE.

  • Download statistics

    Access statistics about how many times papers from your organisation were downloaded (from CORE and directly from your repository - IRUS tracker integration required for the latter)

  • Repository Discovery Boost:

    – PMC

    – Recommended across the repositories network

    – Increases the discoverability of your content. Open access full texts from your repository promoted to PubMed Central via their Link Out service.

Membership fees

All Starting benefits


  • Logos for your papers

    Associate your research papers in CORE with your official organisational logo. This will be visible in CORE Search, CORE Recommender, CORE Discovery and from across the CORE Portal. Your logo can be uploaded from the CORE Repository Dashboard.

  • Logo banner

    We highly value the generous support of our Supporting and Sustaining members. We proudly display banners acknowledging your sponsorship and support to the open access and open science mission.

  • Board of Supporters (1 vote)

    Help shape our development roadmap by having a say on our Board of Supporters.

  • Technical support (≤5)

    Guaranteed technical support of up to 5 technical queries per year.

  • АPI use for your university

    Use of the CORE API for your organisation, including for non-research purposes (except for commercial purposes), subject to our T&Cs.

Membership fees

All Supporting benefits


  • Personalised banner

    Promote your research conferences, events, academic jobs and other mission-aligned communications on the CORE website.

  • Board of Supporters (2 votes)

    Help shape our development roadmap by having a say on our Board of Supporters.

  • CORE OA Compliance dashboard

    Tools for Open Access compliance monitoring and metadata enrichments.

  • Unlimited and prioritised support

    Get unlimited technical support and your questions prioritised on top to get your answers sooner.

  • Promoted / spotlight / featured articles

    When research papers from your organisation would appear on pages 2-4 of CORE Search results, your paper gets promoted to the front of the first page and is highlighted as a featured article.

  • Dataset use for your university

    Use of the CORE Dataset for your organisation, including for non-research purposes (except for commercial purposes), subject to our T&Cs.

  • Hosted or interview style blog post on mission-aligned activities

    We are keen to provide a hosted or interview style blog post about open access, open science and other relevant mission-oriented activities your organisation is conducting on the CORE blog. (T&Cs apply)

  • Repository health check

    Possibility of a data-driven metadata quality assessment consultation for your institution. We assess current level of metadata quality (including in relation to FAIRness) and provide guidance on how to improve it. (1 consultation per year included).

Here you can find a comparison table with detailed information about each feature. It can help you choose the most suitable membership plan.

What does your membership support?

Our Supporting and Sustaining members are the pillars of our open scholarly infrastructure service. They enable us in delivering on our mission.


Co-funds the maintenance of CORE services as they are.


Co-funds the maintenance of CORE services and their continuous improvement.

Some of our members
St. George's, University of London
City University of London
Brunel University
Nottingham Trent University
University of Sussex
Anglia Ruskin University