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    OSrepublik Portal Teknologi Terupdate di Indonesia

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    Ingin tahu perkembangan teknologi serta aplikasi terkini? Akses situs yang menyediakan ulasan lengkap mengenai aplikasi yang sendang tren seperti WhatsApp, Google, serta game entertainment lainnya yang cocok untuk anak muda

    Santiago de Chile Tour

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    Beto, a Spanish psychologist who lives in Santiago de Chile, talks about different aspects of Santiago's life and culture. He also takes us on a brief tour of Santiago's most emblematic places

    Speaking Drills 1-4

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    Speaking practice for beginners. Role play. To be used in class after introducing "--- ni ikimasu/ikimashita" sentence pattern. Can be used for writing practice

    Planning sheet OneShare workshop

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    Used in OneShare workshop 13th July 2010 at Southampton University

    Teaching Punjabi Alphabet

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    Ideas for teaching the Punjabi alphabet for beginners, line by line, using written and oral techniques. Aimed for children aged 6-9, but could be altered to suit children of an older age

    spanish vocabulary resource

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    Some basic Spanish vocabular

    Comment poser une question

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    A slide presentation on how to ask questions in French for level 1/2 students with practical examples and image

    LLAS/Why study...? downloadable calendar - April, 2012, Spanish

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    This calendar, for the month of April 2012, in Spanish, was produced by LLAS Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies. It was created with help from teachers working on the JISC-funded Community Cafe project. Look out for another language next month! Quiz questions and answers are also included. This is the eighth of a 16-month series lasting until Dec 2012. A printed 'Why study..?' calendar for 2012 is available from It is FREE, with 3.50 p+p

    San Miguel Bajo

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    An open-ended collection of online resources for students and teachers of Spanish, covering a variety of levels and types of activity

    "You have to", Finnish oral prompts

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    Give advice to a friend in Finnish using the sinun taytyy 'you have to' construction. Contains 21 situations that can be used in class to stimulate conversation and consolidate learning. The exercise is suitable for levels A2 and B1. It is a good idea to let the students prepare answers to the questions at home before class. (FAVOR project.
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