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    Mining Public Service Quality Feedback from Social Media: A Computational Analytics Method

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    Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea; National Research Foundation of Kore

    Disentangling the impact of securitization on bank profitability

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    Weempiricallyevaluatethechannelsthroughwhichsecuritizationimpactsbankprofitability.To this end, we analyze the role played by bank risk,costoffunding,liquidityandregulatorycapital in explaining the relationship between securitization and bank profitability. We find that securitization activities tend to boost profitability. We also show that bank risk, cost of funding, liquidity and regulatory capital individually and jointly act as transmission channels in the securitization-profitability relationship. In addition, we break down the securitization effects on bankprofitabilityintodirectandindirecteffectsandidentifythecontributionofeachindividual transmissionchannelintheoverallimpactonbankprofitability.Ourfindingshaveseveralimplicationsforbanks,financialmarkets,and regulatorKafrelsheikh University, Egyp

    Event Modeller Data Analytic for Harmonic Failures

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    Copyright © 2021 The Author(s). The optimum performance of power plants has major technical and economic benefits. A case study in one of the Malaysian power plants reveals an escalating harmonic failure trend in their Continuous Ship Unloader (CSU) machines. This has led to a harmonic filter failure causing performance loss leading to costly interventions and safety concerns. Analysis of the harmonic parameter using Power Quality Assessment indicates that the power quality is stable as per IEEE standards; however, repetitive harmonic failures are still occurring in practice. This motivates the authors to explore whether other unforeseen events could cause harmonic failure. Usually, post-failure plant engineers try to backtrack and diagnose the cause of power disturbance, which in turn causes delay and disruption to power generation. This is a costly and time-consuming practice. A novel event-based predictive modelling technique, namely, Event Modeller Data Analytic (EMDA), designed to inclusive the harmonic data in line with other technical data such as environment and machine operation in the cheap computational effort is proposed. The real-time Event Tracker and Event Clustering extended by the proposed EMDA widens the sensitivity analysis spectrum by adding new information from harmonic machines’ performance. The added information includes machine availability, utilization, technical data, machine state, and ambient data. The combined signals provide a wider spectrum for revealing the status of the machine in real-time. To address this, a software-In-the-Loop application was developed using the National Instrument LabVIEW. The application was tested using two different data; simulation data and industrial data. The simulation study results reveal that the proposed EMDA technique is robust and could withstand the rapid changing of real-time data when events are detected and linked to the harmonic inducing faults. A hardware-in- the-Loop test was implemented at the plant to test and validate the sensitivity analysis results. The results reveal that in a single second, a total of 2,304 input-output relationships were captured. Through the sensitivity analysis, the fault causing parameters were reduced to 10 input-output relationships (dimensionality reduction). Two new failure causing event/parameter were detected, humidity and feeder current. As two predictable and controllable parameters, humidity and feeder velocity can be regulated to reduce the probability of harmonic fluctuation.Malaysia’s government sponsorship, MARA

    A new method for tracking of motor skill learning through practical application of Fitts’ law

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    This article is made available through the Brunel Open Access Publishing Fund.A novel upper limb motor skill measure, task productivity rate (TPR) was developed integrating speed and spatial error, delivered by a practical motor skill rehabilitation task (MSRT). This prototype task involved placement of 5 short pegs horizontally on a spatially configured rail array. The stability of TPR was tested on 18 healthy right-handed adults (10 women, 8 men, median age 29 years) in a prospective single-session quantitative within-subjects study design. Manipulations of movement rate 10% faster and slower relative to normative states did not significantly affect TPR, F(1.387, 25.009) = 2.465, p = .121. A significant linear association between completion time and error was highest during the normative state condition (Pearson's r = .455, p < .05). Findings provided evidence that improvements in TPR over time reflected motor learning with possible changes in coregulation behavior underlying practice under different conditions. These findings extend Fitts’ law theory to tracking of practical motor skill using a dexterity task, which could have potential clinical applications in rehabilitation

    Air Cycle Feasibility Using a Novel, Single Rotor Compander for Refrigeration and Heating

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    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) of the U

    Reducing energy demand and emissions

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    A high-efficiency scar-free genome editing toolkit for <i>Acinetobacter baumannii</i>

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    PreprintBackground The current mutagenesis tools for Acinetobacter baumannii leave selection markers or residual sequences behind, or involve tedious counterselection and screening steps. Furthermore, they are usually adapted for model strains, rather than to multidrug resistant (MDR) clinical isolates. Objectives To develop a scar-free genome editing tool suitable for chromosomal and plasmid modifications in MDR A. baumannii AB5075. Methods We prove the efficiency of our adapted genome editing system by deleting the multidrug efflux pumps craA and cmlA5, as well as curing plasmid p1AB5075. We then characterised the antibiotic sensitivity phenotype of the mutants compared to the wild type for chloramphenicol, tobramycin and amikacin by disc diffusion assays and determined their minimum inhibitory concentration for each strain. Results We successfully adapted the genome editing protocol to A. baumannii AB5075, achieving a double recombination frequency close to 100% and securing the construction of a mutant within 10 work days. Furthermore, we show that the ΔcraA has a strong sensitivity to chloramphenicol, tobramycin and amikacin, whereas the ΔcmlA5 mutant does not show a significant decrease in viability for the antibiotics tested. On the other hand, the removal of p1AB5075 produced an increased sensitivity to tobramycin and amikacin. Conclusion We have adapted a highly efficient genome editing tool for A. baumannii and proved that craA has a broader substrate range than previously thought. On the other hand, whereas cmlA5 is annotated as a chloramphenicol efflux pump and is encoded within an aminoglycoside resistance island, it does not provide resistance to any of those compounds

    Sustainable, renewable and environmental-friendly insulation systems for high voltages applications

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    With the inception of high voltage (HV), requisites on the insulating permanence of HV equipment is becoming increasingly crucial. Mineral/synthetic oil liquid insulation—together with solid insulation materials (paper, pressboard)—is the fundamental insulation constituent in HV apparatuses; their insulation attributes perform a substantial part in a reliable and steady performance. Meanwhile, implications on the environment, scarcity of petroleum oil supplies and discarding complications with waste oil have stimulated investigators to steer their attention towards sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly insulating substances. The contemporary insulating constituent’s evolution is driven by numerous dynamics—in particular, environmental obligations and other security and economic issues. Consequently, HV equipment manufacturers must address novel specifications concerning to these new standards. Renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly insulating materials are continuously substituting conventional insulating items in the market place. These are favorable to traditional insulating materials, due to their superior functionality. The also offer explicit security and eco-friendly advantages. This article discusses cutting-edge technology of environmentally friendly insulating materials, including their fabrication, processing and characterization. The new renewable, insulating systems used in HV equipment are submitted and their fundamental gains stated in comparison with conventional insulating materials. Several experimental efforts carried out in various parts of the world are presented, offering an outline of the existing research conducted on renewable insulating systems. The significance of this article lies in summarizing prior investigations, classifying research essence, inducements and predicting forthcoming research trends. Furthermore, opportunities and constraints being experienced in the field of exploration are evidently reported. Last but not least, imminent research proposals and applications are recommended
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